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Hi, I'm Patty.
20. Chicago. Cis female, she/her. Student. Cat lover. Bi, with a preference for girls.
Multifandom blog and multipshipper. NSFW at times. To tag me, please tag as yo krabby patty.

I’m Still Human(x)

I don’t remember what I’ve done 
I’m done with all the years 
I’ve got no one but myself 
To ask “how did I get here” 
And I worry all the time 
What’s coming around the bend 
Maybe I’m just going crazy 
But it feels like the end

A Will Graham mix.

01. Human-Daughter ll 02. Bones-MS Mr ll 03. Stained-Blue Foundation ll 04. This Body-The Dear Hunter ll 05. My Mirror Speaks-Death Cab for Cutie ll 06. The Enemy-Mumford and Sons ll 07. Medicine-Daughter ll 08. Feels Like the End-Shane Alexander

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